The convergence of recent technologies, web and mobile technologies, provides unique opportunities and an infrastructure for both face to face and online learning environments. However, specific environments for constructing knowledge are needed. In such environments, knowledge media should bring together the technology and learning theories to form meaningful settings for learners with different academic, administrative and support needs. IETC aims to provide an environment for experts to discuss the current state of the art for learning in schools, industry and universities. Virtual environments, CSCL, m-learning, e-training and e-learning will be topics of particular interest.


The scope of the conference will cover but not be limited to:
Asynchronous Learning
Authoring Technology
Best Practices In ICT Classrooms
Constructivist Perspectives
Cooperative/Collaborative Learning
Data Mining Strategies For E-Learning Organizations
Diffusion Of Innovation
Distance and Open Learning
Educational Technology & Globalization
Best Practices In ICT Classrooms
Human Resources In Educational Technology
Human-Computer Interaction
Hypermedia Applications
ICT Integration
ICT Literacy In Education
Improving Classroom Teaching
Innovation and Change In Education
Instructional Design
Intelligent E-Learning Systems
Intelligent Training Technology
Interactive E-Learning Systems
Interactive Learning Environment
Knowledge Management In E-Learning
Knowledge Management In E-Learning
Learning and Content Management Systems
Learning and Teaching With Technology
Learning Objects
Life Long Learning and Technology
Mobile Learning
Multimedia Applications
Network Based Education and Training
Pedagogical and Practical Issues
Simulations In Education
Teaching/Learning Strategies
Video Games For Learning
Virtual Classroom, Virtual University
Classroom Teacher Education
College and Higher Education
Curriculum and Instruction
Distance Education
Educational Technology
Learning and Teaching
Learning Psychology
New Learning Environments
Society Involvement
Vocational Education
Applied Sciences-Computers
Applied Sciences-Information Technology
Applied Sciences-Technology
Applied Sciences-Wireless
Social Sciences-Communication
Instructional Designs and Improvements of Teaching Systems
Integrated Learning Perspective
Tendencies in the Field of Education Communication and its Technology
Technological Equipment