Keynote Invited Speakers

  • Badrul KHAN
    Prof. Dr. Badrul KHAN
    President, McWeadon Education, United States

    Speech Title: Microlearning in the Digital World

  • Ágnes N. TOTH
    Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ágnes N. TOTH
    Eötvös Loránd University, Hungary

    Speech Title: Remote Teaching As A New Paradigm Of Education

  • Muzaffer ELMAS
    Prof. Dr. Muzaffer ELMAS
    Higher Education Quality Council, Turkey

    Speech Title: Quality In Higher Education

  • Douglas FRANKLIN
    Prof. Dr. Douglas FRANKLIN
    Ohio University, United States

    Speech Title: Flexible Learning: A Tool To Meet Evolving Needs Or A Temporary Fix To Address Emergency Needs

  • Ferhan  ODABAŞI
    Prof. Dr. Ferhan ODABAŞI
    Anadolu University, Turkey

    Speech Title: Why/ When is it okay to feel unsafe in Digital Age?

  • Teresa FRANKLIN
    Prof. Dr. Teresa FRANKLIN
    Ohio University, United States

    Speech Title: After Covid: Moving to Design Thinking in Education and Technology With Covid

  • Durmus GÜNAY
    Prof. Dr. Durmus GÜNAY
    Maltepe University, Turkey

    Speech Title: Philosophy of Technology

  • Thosporn Sangsawang
    Assist. Prof. Dr. Thosporn Sangsawang
    Rajamangala University of Technology Tanyaburi, Thailand

    Speech Title: Digital Content Design for Online Learning

  • Chaiyong BRAHMAWONG
    Prof. Dr. Chaiyong BRAHMAWONG
    Bangkok Thonburi University, Thailand

    Speech Title: Educational Technology: Extended Concepts, Scope and Roles

  • Leonora Anyango-Kivuva
    Dr. Leonora Anyango-Kivuva
    Community College of Allegheny County, United States

    Speech Title: Leveraging Action: Toward an Inclusive Agenda for Disenfranchised Women

  • Jozef Colpaert
    Prof. Dr. Jozef Colpaert
    Universiteit Antwerpen, Belgium

    Speech Title: Multimodality s A Transdisciplinary Concept: From Technology To Psychology

  • Amirul Mukminin
    Prof. Dr. Amirul Mukminin
    Universitas Jambi, Indonesia

    Speech Title: The Pros and Cons of Internet Roles and Uses In Educational Settings During The Pandemic of Covid-19 and Policy Implications

    Prof. Dr. Buket AKKOYUNLU
    Cankaya University, Turkey

    Speech Title: The Future of Learning is Blended